Must-Listen-To Releases of 2014: Rochelle Jordan | 1021


Just when the mundaneity begins to settle snugly into the R&B scene and the glory days of the genre seem long gone, with chances for regeneration appearing to be few and far between, a glimmer of hope peaks out of a shy corner and blows the whole thing out of the water. After stumbling through Soundcloud playlist after playlist and seeking desperately for a resemblance in the mastered recapture of golden age remnants, I came to find Rochelle Jordan by pure and absolutely unadulterated chance.  Long, coiled tresses that frame her face, with urban chic style that begs of 90’s music videos, Jordan lays the vibes out for you before you even press play on the track. Being a native of Toronto, she is quite familiar with the stylings of fellow Canadians Drake and The Weeknd and is helping to mold the identity of Toronto’s emerging R&B music scene. Releasing ‘1021’ in November of this year, Jordan was able to put the binder on book of 2014 that read ‘complete’. The 90’s R&B revival has been tried by many even more famous and credible than Jordan but the soulful and seductive vocals that linger in your ear mixed with authentic, reminiscent beats of an era long gone make you listen a bit stronger and closer. It’s as if Jordan doesn’t try too hard or at all, for that matter; it just works and you believe it wholeheartedly. Tracks such as “Follow Me” and “401” put the staple into the project entirely, with hard hitting beats and bass that make you want to nod your head and sway, but in chill and subtle way. Jordan’s voice on the project overall is similar to that of the late R&B angel Aaliyah, a genuine accolade that could move her further up the ladder compared to those considered to be of the same caliber musically, with a sexy and cool aura. The drowsy, drug infused beats on tracks such as “Good One” are balanced with some of the more relatively upbeat dance tracks such as “Ease Your Mind”, ultimately providing depth and layers to the entire project. Jordan also collaborates with West Coast rapper IamSu! (known for his work with Wiz Khalifa and 2 Chainz) on the track “Playa 4 Life”. As Jordan continues to explore her talents and breadth of artistry, it is expected that she will collaborate with the likes of PARTYNEXTDOOR, SZA, and even TDE.




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