Kendrick Lamar’s “i” questionable as a lead single


It is widely known that Kendrick Lamar is Top Dawg Entertainment’s headline star. The group also has very good budding stars which inlcude ScHoolboy Q, Ab-Soul and Jay Rock. They are also bringing up young rising SZA and Isaiah Rashad. However, as for Kendrick Lamar, something has gone wrong.

Kendrick crashed the music market with his successful sophomore album Good Kid M.A.A.D City in late 2012. The album in it’s week sold 242,000 copies. By March of this year, the album album sold roughly 1,226,000 copies, essentially making this platinum in the rapper’s young music career. There was much rave over the album complete delivery and the feel it gave you. I personally think there has not been an album since to top it. The cinematic sound for your ears with each track that develops into a story puts you right in the 90s scene of Compton, California. In addition, he succeeded at another attempt to shake up the rap scene with his featured verse on Big Sean’s “Control”, in which, the lyricist called out every major rapper.

However, with all that said something is going wrong. Kendrick is known for his thoughtful lyrics as well as his brash delivery. So, what if he takes his foot off the gas just a bit in terms of delivery. Though he has been featured on songs since “Control”, many fans remember Kendrick last work from his boldest move yet in hip-hop. So, if he releases something not on the same caliber as his infamous verse, will fans view it as a let-down. This might be the case for Lamar’s 1st single to his 3rd studio album. “i” is one of the most positive songs K Dot has released. Don’t get me wrong, it is a good song. However, it is not great. Perhaps, Lamar planned to release something a little more thoughtful than the words he spoke in “Control”. Even so, fans were expecting more. This can be hinted Kendrick’s label boss releasing on Twitter today a contest to meet the hot spitter. Check out the tweet below.

Yes, it would be pretty cool to meet the Kendrick Lamar in person, but I question the clever marketing – and I have to admit it is clever, indeed. My guess as to why is that sales on the single is low. TDE is enticing fans to buy the single and use it in the video they will submit. Currently, the Soundcloud link that originally released “i” has been terminated, which helps point fans directly to iTunes to attain the song.

I believe such a witty campaign is not need for a guy who just came off a platinum album. Maybe he should have chosen another track to show for his lead single. Going from “Control” to this has left many fans underwhelmed. Of course, Kendrick is not a typical and is known from going against the grain, but maybe this was too much. From calling out every major rapper to releasing a record as a single that some say he should have handed to Macklemore is questionable. It also has many guessing what his album will sound like. In any case, TDE is taking appropriate steps to salvage the single, as they should for the 2013 Male Rapper of the Year.


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