Don Lifted | The December LP, Vol. 1 (Album Release Event)

Don Lifted released his album The December LP, Vol. 1 yesterday. I was able to attend his listening party for the album’s release, and there were many things to take note of. Upon arriving, which was before the crowd began to flood in, I noticed the simplicity yet, detail and hard work Don has put in to this event. On the back wall, you could see 18 pieces of art made from childhood VHS tapes that related to this holiday season. These visuals where grouped by 9 on opposite sides. In between the frames of art was space that was used to display projections of compiled footage of childhood VHS tapes during Christmas and snippets of his favorite shows to watch as a youngin’.  To added more depth to the setting, there were strategically placed TV’s that were built in manufactured furniture pieces made by Don Lifted himself.

The stage was set and people one-by-one started to file in. After an hour of casual conversation and viewing of the art, Don began talking to the crowd about the album and all that it encompasses. He then played the entire album and coupled it with video for each song. This guy is not a rapper. He is not a singer. He is just a guy that like to create to the best of his ability. Watch the video recapping his listening event and download the 12-track project The December LP, Vol. 1 here.



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