Adam Reverie | Father Son Brother Friend (Mixtape)


Adam Reverie releases his project called Father Son Brother Friend. Reverie is a very talented artist. We are just glad to cross paths with him before he blows up. This tape starts off with an up-tempo beat, and Reverie lays down a ridiculous double-time rap in the middle of his verse. His combination of delivery and genuine lyrics is hard to find. Father Son Brother Friend is more than a worthwhile listen. I am certain you will be impressed after listening. Check out the tracklist below and listen to the project here.

  1. Parental Advisory (prod. by V-Dizzle)
  2. Testify (prod. by Stereo Symphony)
  3. My American Dream (prod. by KenKen Beats)
  4. Love Ya Like My Brother (prod. by Stereo Symphony)
  5. Financial Crisis (prod. by Stereo Symphony)
  6. Make A Better Product (prod. by Kahzee Capolatti)
  7. Strike Fear (prod. by Ratatat)
  8. Sin Sometime (prod. by DJ Burn One)
  9. Daddy’s Hollow Tips (prod. by DJ Burn One)
  10. What My Mama Told Me (prod. by Tallen)
  11. Need A Moment (prod. by Eli Myles)
  12. Noah’s Song (prod. by Hunnit Adretti)
  13. Talks With Granny Z (prod. by 5yNot)

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