DeRose | Concrete Growth Vol. 1 (Mixtape)


DeRose releases his long-awaited mixtape Concrete Growth Vol. 1. We first heard him when he brought us No. 8 on the tracklist, “Let’s Ride Pt. 2”. There is no doubting this kid’s talent. He can effortlessly put together meaningful songs with the best of them. Check out the tracklist below and download CGV1 here.

  1. No Love (Intro) [prod. by Kahzee]
  2. Concrete Growth [prod. by Only Zay]
  3. Let’s Ride [prod. by Eli Myles]
  4. In God We Trust [prod. by Eli Myles]
  5. Stick Around (The Heye) [prod. by Eli Myles]
  6. FTW [prod. by Eli Myles]
  7. T.1.T.G.A
  8. Let’s Ride Pt. 2 [prod. by Eli Myles]
  9. Selfish ft. Joey Sativa [prod. by Eli Myles]
  10. Fainthearted [prod. by Eli Myles]
  11. Sleep Good [prod. by The Regular Kidd]
  12. Best Of Me ft. Adam Reverie [prod. by Eli Myles]
  13. My Heart [prod. by The Regular Kidd]
  14. Vanity Craze [prod. by Eli Myles]

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