Big Sean – Fire (Video)

Well, here we are. Big Sean might have the most talked about video for the wrong reasons this year. The answer for why is simple. Sean will be releasing his sophomore album Hall Of Fame on August 27th. One of the singles he released recently was “Fire”, which happens to be an outstanding song. However, we think he might have made a mistake. Just a few days ago Sean released the video for this song, but the thing is he is not even in it. Instead, Miley Cyrus – yes, the girl that has been failing at every attempt to show the world she can twerk – is in almost every single scene of the video.

We have no clue what would make Big Sean do this understanding that this album might be the most critical one of his career. Sure, this video will not have a major impact on his career as he continues, but it is leaving his fans with some confused faces. Video clips from this past year paired with the song would’ve been better. But hey, what do I know. Watch the video for yourself above.


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